XT00358 – Red to Clear Fade

“AGD Xmag. If you don’t know the history do the research. Arguably the most desirable mag ever produced behind the sfl. Less than 500 produced. This has got to be the nicest fade Anno one I have acquired. Functions flawlessly. Took me years to hunt one down in this condition. This marker will provide a lifetime of joy. Spend your tax return on something you will love.

Charger included. Max flo is brand new and will come with original box and accessories. Battery holds great charge. Safety is included.
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One thought on “XT00358 – Red to Clear Fade

  1. Dan says:

    That’s crazy, it’s my old X-Mag from a decade ago! I still have photos of it from way-back-when. Sold this one, and kept VV04947… still sitting on a shelf here next to me.

    Blast from the past.

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