Loguzzo Xmag

my business has been slow, had to borrow some cash. time to pay the piper. have already sold my viking, and my other treasured pb markers. i held on as long as I could to this one. but the lenders are calling and i need to pay up.

one off Xmag, built by JOhn Loguzzo, yes he knows I am selling it. this is one of the hardest things I have had to liquidate. MOTM and MOTY winner 2012, this thing is by far my favorite EVER paintball marker I have owned. I am selling this all together as a complete package, i dont have the time to sit here and part all of this stuff. there is one complete xvalve, the rest of the valves are bodies, some may have parts some dont. the other is an Xvalve valve body, no rear internals. there are tons of mag parts in these 3 bins of stuff. everything in the picture is included in this sale.

I am asking 3200 for everything pictured.

2500 for the mag
600 for the rest of the goodies.

thanks, hopefull it will go to a good home. has not been shot in a few years, will need a tune up.





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