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The AGD X-mag features:
  • Level 10 bolt technology means virtually no chops or barrel breaks
  • Internal ACE (Anti-Chop Eye) (patent pending) included at no extra charge
  • Predictive Sensing ACE Software
  • No visible wiring or components
  • Shoots any colour, shoots 2 colour paint
  • No User adjustment required, even when mixing paint colours
  • Modular Feed system (patent pending) change feed type from C/Feed to Warp Feed in seconds
  • All Modules fully ACE compatible
  • Cut & Carve version, machined on a 4th Axis CNC Mill
  • Revolutionary MAT system (Magnetically Actuated Trigger)
  • User adjustable to achieve the perfect trigger pull
  • Accepts standard Autococker barrels
  • Revolutionary Dual selector, switches from Electric to Manual operation
  • 45 Aluminium Grip frame standard
  • Operates on 18v Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery pack
  • L.E.D. Display features countdown timer, shot counter, plus many other features[depending on software version]
  • Tested beyond 20 shots per second without shootdown


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